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James Morse, the youngest of 4 children, was born and raised in a single-family household, in Philadelphia, by his loving mother Doris Delorme. James, a student of Philadelphia’s public school system, had such a bold, energetic and lively personality, until he transitioned into the 2nd Grade where he experienced extensive bullying. 


A once vibrant second grader, confused about why he was the target of bullies, James became a very reserved child. Bullying, especially on the receiving end of such, was not a topic of conversation during his rearing and therefore became something that James dealt with, in silence. At this early age, James confidently knew that he didn’t want others to experience the hatred and malicious behavior that he encountered.


Following high school, James attended Chestnut Hill College as an Elementary Education major and Child Psychology minor. While at Chestnut Hill College, he was inducted into the Pi Lambda Theta Honor Society and was the first African American man to establish Chestnut Hill’s first, gospel choir.


His passion for education and service persisted in his role as a teacher at Norwood Fontbonne Academy. He served for a year and moved onward as a patient interviewer at Temple University. His service spanned for a course of twelve years where, in this time, James learned how to efficiently ensure patients receive the services they are obligated to. His focus on helping others and dedication to patients and families having positive encounters, reflects his heart for serving others.


In addition to assisting urban communities, James retrieved a license in real estate, which allowed him to support families in achieving their dreams to purchase their first homes or commercial properties. After several years of providing real estate services, James returned to his passion: educating youth.

James is the Founder of No Bully’N Me, Inc., a not-for-profit organization that missions to provide students, regardless of color, gender, disability, cultural background, or sexual orientation, with resources, tools, and strategies that aid in the prevention of bullying.

James developed a #NOBULLYNME campaign as a branch of support for children and families who can thrive from its innovative anti-bullying methods. James is determined to spread the organization’s motto, Be Kind! Be a Friend! Be the Difference!, in part to becoming the tri-state’s most effective not-for-profit organization, whose strategic efforts drastically shift bullying culture in learning environments. 





“I Am strong! I am wonderfully made! I will walk with my head held high because I know that my unique individuality will bring texture and richness to any canvas. I have no reason to fear! I will not allow your words nor your actions to break me. I will spread my wings and soar high as an eagle. I will not be defeated for there’s NO BULLY’N ME”- James A. Morse

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