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Volunteers for NO BULLY’N ME INC. will provide their time and effort towards a variety of different tasks including, but not limited to marketing, fundraising, administrative duties, and team projects.  


Volunteer schedules may vary as they may require full-time or part-time commitments depending on assigned responsibilities and volunteer availability. They will serve in a variety of locations (i.e. outdoor events, office environment, etc.) 


Those who take interest in volunteering for NO BULLY’N ME, INC will be vetted and interviewed. We will seek out individuals who are strong communicators, passionate about the work, energized, joyful, team focused, and willing to carry out the mission set forth by NO BULLY’N ME INC. We anticipate volunteers to have previous experience and or skill development that will help carry out the organizational mission. 


 NO BULLY’N ME INC. volunteers will not receive any monetary compensation for their service.


Instructors will provide home-based family services, including anti-bullying counseling, skill building and team exercises. In addition, all in-home instructors will use the No Bully’N Me INC., innovative, hands-on and relational methods in their operating instructions. To become an in-home instructor; individuals must attend the No Bully’N Me INC. six (6) week course and pass the exit examination.


Coordinators will interview all mentor candidates to find those who possess traits such as knowledge of an organization and the ability to instruct others. Mentor coordinators will use analytical and decision-making skills to assess the individual needs of mentees and pair them with suitable mentors. They’ll need strong computer skills to use mentor-matching software and other computer applications. When evaluating the effectiveness of a mentor program, coordinators must use problem-solving skills to address shortcomings and benefits.


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