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NO BULLY’N ME INC. is a nonprofit organization that focuses on educating elementary to college students regardless of color,gender, disability, cultural background, or sexual orientation. Our mission is to provide school age students with resources, tools, and strategies that will help them to be prepared against bullying offensively and decrease bullying culture  in schools. As an organization that champions actions of  love, inclusion and equality, we acknowledge the impact of these characteristics when they are absent in school environments. We therefore desire to provide a safety net for students to talk, learn, and love on purpose.


  1. To provide action plans, via social media platforms, that identify and minify cyber-bullying. 

  2. To educate students on how to recognize cultural bias and discriminatory acts. 

  3. To empower an understanding of the significance of individuality and uniqueness by promoting conflict resolution based practices. 

  4. To eradicate the culture of bullying in schools by educating students and teachers about the benefits of inclusivity and self efficacy. 

Please show your support by making a monetary donation today. HELP US continue to provide the services our youth need. 

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